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Yellowfin Flagtail Prochilodus (Semaprochilodus lacticeps)

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Flagtail Prochilodus are large characins from South America that make great tankmates with larger fish. They have shiny, silver bodies with large, pursed lips and a red and black flagtail pattern on their caudal fin. Flagtails are aggressive towards its own kind when kept in small numbers, but can be maintained in groups of six or more in larger tanks. Otherwise, it’s best kept as a single specimen in a community of medium to large fish. They have a suckermouth similar to a pleco which they use to suck up the substrate to clean it and then they spit it out, also similar to the geophagus. These freshwater fish are a great addition to a clean up crew in your aquarium along with their beautiful iridescent colors. Flagtails have a bright silver body with large eyes that help them hunt and a red and black striped tail.

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