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Frequently asked questions

Do you guys have a physical location?

Yes. But at this time the gallery is only by appointment only. Give us a call to schedule.

Do you guys sell Salt Water Fish?

No. Unfortually at this time we only carry a large selection of fresh water predators.

Can you special order a specific fish?

Absolutely. We get orders from all around the world. So chances are if its out there. We can certainly get it. Send us an email @ and we will try our best to make it happen. For most pre-orders we do ask for a 25% deposit of the total order for special requests. In the event that we cannot obtain the fish, we will gladly refund you back the full deposit.

Remember that each state has specific rules as to what you can and can't have. Check with your state and local wildfish for more information.

Do you guys ship throughout the United States?

Yes. But please be advised that every state has strict guidelines that prohibit certain fish. It's illegal to purchase these fish and thus if you place an order through our system. We will cancel the order and charge a $100 restocking fee for wasting our time. Make sure you check with your state first.

My fish arrived dead. Can I get my money back?

In the unlikely event that you suffer a loss during transit, please notify us immediately upon confirming a loss. Do not discard any livestock without contacting us and receiving authorization to do so. We will ask for the following.

*A video clearly showing you cutting and opening the box with the fish inside dead for the first time is required. No video also voids our guarantee since there is no proof of fish arriving dead.

*If shipment arrives late you would have to open a claim with the shipping company.

*Live shipments must be received immediately upon delivery by our courier. If you are not home to receive your shipment on its first delivery attempt, this guarantee is void.

*You must accept shipments sent to you under any and all circumstances. Any refused shipment will disqualify you from any future livestock purchases from Additionally, you will be held responsible for costs of the refused shipment. If there is any damaged noted to the exterior of a delivered package, immediately report the damage to the delivery person, and open package while the courier is there to take note. Failure to report damage at the time of delivery may void this guarantee.You must handle all delay and/or damage claims directly with the courier company.

Your tank must be established and in good condition. Your water quality should meet Predatory Fins standards:

Ammonia: 0 ppm

Nitrites: 0 ppm

nitrates: 30 ppm

PH: Specific to livestock purchased (see item's details)

My fish is too big for my tank. Can I exchange or get my money back?

No. Unfortually we do not return any livestock due to size unless we sent the wrong size by error.

The fish is not compatible with my other fish. Can I exchange or get a return?

No. Unfortunally we do not do exchanges or returns on fish due to tank compatibility. We recommend you do your research on the fish your ordering.

Will you buy my fish?

On some occassions we will buy fish from local customers in the form of store credit. We also accept donations for fish.

Would you rescue my fish?

If you are in the South Florida area. We can arrange a time for either delivery or pick up of your fish. Please be advised due to limited space we cannot house all rescue. Please contact our friends at the Ohio Fish Rescue for more info.