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Spotted Phago (Phago maculatus)

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These are rarely imported, in all the years I have kept fish THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I'VE SEEN THEM. They are easy to keep, needing water between 6 and 7.5 pH and medium hardness. Temps between 72-80F. They are apparently hard to get to feed on nonliving foodbut will take crickets, other insects, and even worms but they prefer fish. I kept mine in a 20G. They seem to prefer a lightly planted tank so that they have a couple clumps of cover.
This was the single most visious fish I ever owned, the day I brought it home (came with tankI added a couple dozen guppies and an 8" pleco, It killed all the guppies in well under an hour, only eating a few of them. That night it shredded the pleco so badly I had to destroy the catfish. It had no fins, tail, or eyes left, ang a slash in it's side that intestines poked through. Phagos are definitely a specimin tank type fish, The one I had was about 7" long.
In the wild they dart out of the weeds and clip off chunk of fins from much larger fish.

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