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Super Red Monkey Flowerhorn Cichlid (Vieja sp)

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The Super Red Monkey is and early strain of flowerhorn that got lost and now is coming back.. it is actually the predecessor all the Kamfa strain you see on the market now. To an untrained eye some will say it is a Red Devil or Rose Queen, but this is not true. You can immediately see the difference from the behavior alone. The Red Monkey is very interactive and always attacking the glass. The body shape is more stocky and fuller...  Its eye color is crystal like ranging from yellow to blue and if course the body is solid red. The intensity of the red can range based on the fish's mood and water quality.. Their head protuberance, or kok, is formally termed a nuchal hump also gets much bigger then traditional flowerhorns which is a trait of the modern day Kamfa. True quality Super Red Monkeys are not so easily found. Many babies are found in the market at very cheap prices, but when more developed SRM are very pricey. 


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