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Rare & High End Exotic Tropical Fish

If you are a serious collector seeking only the rarest and most exotic tropical fish for your aquarium... look no further! Due to our vast experience and worldwide network of partners, we have successfully sourced some of the rarest freshwater tropical fish known to the hobby. Even with our proven experience and track record, just because you want it doesn't mean we can get it in a snap of a finger. If that were the case, then it wouldn't be considered rare. If you wish to join our list of high end private clients to call when these rare animals become available, please email us at and we can schedule a meeting to discuss what you want. Serious buyers and collectors only.

A brief list of some the exotics that we are acquired in the past: Xanthic Goonch Catfish, Cross Belly Albino Silver Arowana, Platinum Silver Arowana, Platinum Jardini Arowana, Platinum Leucistic Datnoid, Xanthic Golden Datnoid, Siamese Tiger Datnoid, Xanthic Golden Korean Perch, Xanthic Golden Gar, Platinum Redtail Catfish, Amelanistic Redtail Catfish, Leucistic Giant Barb, Albino Boesemani Stingray, Platinum Leucistic Stingray, Platinum Leucistic Granulosus Catfish, Platinum Tiger Shovelnose Catfish, etc...

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