Water cow goby
  • Water cow goby

    This big, beautiful giant of the Goby family is one of the most sought-after species by tropical fish enthusiasts. It tends to live across the Indo Pacific into Hawaii, and as you might expect, it’s a fish that enjoys brackish waters. The Water Cow Goby is a little different to many other Gobies in that it is so massive. However, that doesn’t make it a brute!
    The Water Cow Goby has a docile temperament and is actually known by many different names. Let’s take a closer look at this fish and what you need to know about keeping them in your own brackish tank at home.
    Fish Lifespan: More Than 8 Years
    Tank Size: At Least 100 Gallons
    Water Temperature: Between 73F and 82F
    pH: Between 7.4 and 8.2
    Hardness: Between 10 and 30 dH
    Compatibility: Compatible with Own Species
    Fish Size: Up to 10 Inches