Shortbody RTC
  • Shortbody RTC

    Phractocephalus hemioliopterus, or redtail catfish, are often known as the vacuums of the tank that will not only eat anything they can fit in their mouth that looks appetizing but also grow to a grand length of 2 feet within one year! Their growth in length depends on how much they are eating and if they have enough in an aquarium to grow. These freshwater catfish are black on top and white stomachs as well as red tail fins.  They are carnivorous but are often peaceful, and sometimes temperamental towards other species of fish. These particular redtail catfish are short body, which means their organs are the same size as a regular retail catfish but with just a short body length. These short bodies often grow slower than regular redtails but will grow to a large size, and have a large appitite  nonetheless.