Redtail Barracuda (FRESHWATER)

The Freshwater Barracuda certainly does not look like other Characins. Its large scales have a pretty, silvery-blue to golden iridescent coloring, and it has a black spot at the base of the tail. This is a pretty big fish with an elongated, slender body and a long snout and mouth. The upper jaw is slightly longer than the bottom.



The Gar Characin does best when kept singly, as a pair, or in groups of 4 or more. When young, these fish are found in small groups, but as they age, they will go off more on their own or in pairs. A large tank is needed if you plan to keep multiple fish as they only inhabit the top area of the tank.This fish can also be kept in a community tank, but it is a predator. It will eat anything that can fit in its mouth but is peaceful with fish of like size or larger. 



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