Irwini Catfish
  • Irwini Catfish

    This species is gregarious meaning an aquarium with base dimensions of 240 cm x 120 cm should be the bare minimum considered, but in reality this species is suitable only for public aquaria plus an extreme minority of private aquarists.


    The choice of décor is as much down to personal preference as anything else though a carefully-aquascaped, planted set-up is obviously out of the question. A sandy substrate with some large chunks of driftwood, or a completely bare arrangement are perhaps the most-favoured options in privately-owned aquaria, but provided water quality is maintained and lighting not too bright this species is relatively unfussy. An enormous and reliable filter system should be considered mandatory if maintaining adults.


    Very peaceful and in suitably sized systems it can be combined with many other species. Potential tankmates include characids such as Metynnis or Myleus spp., cichlids such as Cichla and Geophagus, larger loricariids, other similarly-sized doradids like Pseudodoras niger, Potamotrygon or Osteoglossum spp..

    This species is proven to fare best when maintained in a conspecific group and ideally a group of 4 or more should be purchased.


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