Gulper Catfish
  • Gulper Catfish

    Asterophysus batrachus is a native of northern South America, specifically the Rio Orinoco and Rio Negro drainages of Venezuela and Brazil, respectively. Throughout its range, the gulper cat inhabits areas that are slow-flowing and abundant with submerged structure. Being somewhat bulky in build, they do not have the ability to withstand strong, rapid currents.

    Gulper cats are fascinating semi-large catfish. They can be maintained in reasonably sized aquariums, and as long as proper caution is exercised they can be maintained with other fishes. A strict carnivore by nature, the gulper cat benefits from some plant matter included in its diet, usually introduced through gutloading feeder fishes. The quality of their water does not have to be perfect, but extremes need to be avoided. Large, frequent water changes are recommended and should be done as often as possible. Common sense is a hobbyist’s best friend when it comes to keeping these amazing catfish.