L-241 Vampire  gold spotted /Galaxy Pleco
  • L-241 Vampire gold spotted /Galaxy Pleco

    Leporacanthicus galaxias, or commonly known as the L-241, galaxy pleco, and L-029, were discovered in 1989 in the lower areas of the Amazon. These powerful plecos have a complete back body complimented with a galaxy of small bright white and yellow spots, hence the name galaxy pleco. These species will eat anything from algae wafers to shrimp, to cucumbers, and they love a high oxygenated current environment. 

    "Adult males have a much longer and broader head with small odontodes on the sides of head, more odontodes on pectoral fin spine and on the whole body, a bigger dorsal fin and normally a prettier coloration."

    (citation from https://www.planetcatfish.com/common/species.php?species_id=138)