Yellow Kelberi Peacock Bass (Wild)
  • Yellow Kelberi Peacock Bass (Wild)

    Cichla kelberi


    The Kelberi Peacock Bass (Cichla kelberi) is one of the smaller species of Peacock Bass available within the hobby, with a max size of around 18" in length, but more commonly only reaching about 10" to 12" in length within the aquarium environment. Even the largest Kelberi Peacock Bass is quite reasonable in size compared to many of the other species of Peacock Bass who routinely reach lengths upwards of 28" or more.

    Cichla kelberi are collected from the Rio Araguaia drainage and the lower Rio Tocantins drainage located within the Brazilian Amazon. These areas tend to be lower flow and with less overall water volume than the main stems of the Amazon River where many of the larger Peacock Bass like Cichla monoculus are collected from. More narrow, slower moving and more highly vegetated water ways has most likely played a large part in the Kelberi Peacock Bass evolving into a smaller Peacock Bass species in order to better ambush prey in their native environment.


    • Common Name: Yellow Peacock Bass, local name ‘Tucunare amarela’
    • Origin: Brazil: Captive raised Taipei
    • Diet: Pellet Food. Frozen: Mysis, bloodworms, Krill, Silver sides; small fish
    • Size: Males 11 inches, Females 9 inches. Reports of up to 14 inches
    • Water Conditions: pH 7.6 to 8.2; water temperature 76 to 82 degrees F.
    • Introduced: Kullander 2006.  Named for Dieter Kelber
    • Sexing: Males will be larger and often develop a nuchal hump
    • Breeding: Eggs are laid on a flat stone and are guarded by parents. The number may be in the thousands. Eggs hatch in 78 hours. Fry will eat baby brine shrimp.
    • Behavior: Yellow Peacock Bass are an aggressive, open water fish that feeds on smaller fish. It is best to keep them in a large aquarium, with a secure cover as they are good jumpers. In the wild, kelberi are popular game fish.