Exotic discus
  • Exotic discus

    We have 4 variety of exotic Discus fish in stock Now


    Tiger Pigeon Snakeskin - The intricate and varying pattern on the Tiger Snakeskin Discus will make it stand out in any aquarium. This is a strain gotten from crossbreeding Snakeskin and Pigeon Blood discus. The variants of this strain have blue, orange, red, and yellow specks on their body but the patterns are regular. Tiger Pigeon Discus is part of the Pigeon Discus family distinguished with light blue background color and orange face with a black eye.


    Red Melon - The body of the Red Melon Discus is covered with a solid reddish-orange color; the head either has a reddish-orange color or pale yellow color. They also originated from South America.


    Tiger Turquoise - The “Tiger Turquoise Discus” is one of the most sought after morphs of discus fish for their beautiful red tiger-like striping and markings over their bright turquoise bodies.


    Golden Sunrise - The bright tropical golden sunrise discus fish will add beautiful colors to your home or office freshwater aquarium instantly. Golden Sunrise Discus are derived from the Pigeon Blood strain.